E shop

Why our e-shop?

In line with market trends, and the development of e-commerce, Web-ing has developed its platform, which is a product of the team’s work, who has many years of experience in the field. Our e-shop is a stable platform, simple to use, with intuitive solutions, and the ability to easily implement some of the payment platforms of banks or processor companies.In addition to the e-commerce platform, Web-ing is working on developing a number of its own software solutions, among which are platforms for shift planning, as well as a shop and shop platform, which will be completed by the end of 2019. The unique way of doing online trade is what this shop in shop makes the platform different and special.

In the next year, Web-ing plans to develop 4 new software solutions from different areas. Solving some of the current human problems and needs, in a very interesting and special way, is the essence of these software.

Here’s why our e-shop platform is unique and what makes everything different from the rest

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  • Creating an unlimited number of Users
  • Creating an unlimited number of Products
  • Creating an unlimited number of Offices, Warehouses
  • Creating an unlimited number of Categories and a visual representation of their hierarchy
  • Creating an unlimited number of Brands
  • Creating an unlimited number of Banner positions
  • Creating an unlimited number of Promotional Services
  • Creating an unlimited number of Product discounts
  • Creating a unique design at the client’s request
  • Up-sale functionality
  • Cross-selling functionality
  • Comparing the product in a very intuitive and easily recognizable way
  • Unlimited number of Prices for selected products (with or without VAT, with or without discount, with or without action …)
  • The ability to enter CSV, XLS product files
  • Delta import – for clients who have multiple stores and who need a real time update price, product name, current status
  • Full update – all products from other stores, warehouses… that the user has
  • Overview of all products selected category on one side
  • Overview of the individual product with all details and specifications of that product
  • Create a wishlist for end users
  • Control of all purchases made by the end user
  • Set an unlimited number of specifications for a specific product
  • Set up an unlimited number of filters for specific products
  • Sorting the product according to predetermined criteria
  • Displaying a group of products from one category of 20, 40, 60 pieces per page with the possibility to increase this number 
  • Very easy orientation and user orientation on web pages
  • The end user has the exact location where he is on the website via breadcrumb functionality
  • Custom made CMS (Admin panel) which is customized for administrators or e-shop owners
  • Possibility to create multiple admin users, with their roles and permissions
  • Very intuitive control of all products, banners, promotional services and other functionality, adapted even to ordinary computer system experts
  • Control, editing and issuing invoices 
  • Possibility for your e-shop to support multilingualism
  • Possibility for your e-shop to have more currencies for products
  • Possibility to merge an e-shop with social networks