What is growth hacking?

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If you have startup and don’t know where to start, growth hacking is the right thing for you. Growth hacking exist for some time now and every startup is looking for growth hackers.

Digital marketing is evolving almost on a daily basis, marketers have full spectrum of possibilities in front of them. Growth hacking is one of them.

What does growth hacking mean?

Growth hackers do not care about budget, expenses, conversion… Sean Ellis , one of first growth hacker defined growth hackers as “a person whose true north is growth”. 

As a growth hacker, every strategy or tool implemented has only one goal, to grow fast. Only metric important to growth hackers is make-or-brake metric. Anyone can be a growth hacker, the only thing that matters is your focus. 

Every day more and more books come out about growth hacking and different techniques you can use. Maybe in the next blog I will write more about ways you everyone can do growth hacking.

In the end I will leave one of good examples of growth hacking, at least for me.

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Believe it or not, AirBnB used lot of growth hacking to become what they are today and they are famous in marketing community for their Craigslist hack. Everyone now what AirBnB is now, and base that they have today. But in the beginning it was not like this. They needed to build their user base from scratch and also, reputation.

Founders realized that people who are looking for accommodation, other than hotels, searched Craigslist, so they offered an option to AirBnB accommodation providers to copy their listing to Craigslist with one click, verify the information, and post. Result? Well, they had access to big market targeted users. In the end, Craigslist denied them access but it was already too late.

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