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E-commerce marketing is very much competitive, countless businesses are shifting their business online. Google wants from you to spend money on paid advertisement. Don’t get me wrong, you have to spend money on advertisement, but there is one other way.

So, how to rank organically without spending money?

To fully understand your customers you have to understand how they are searching for your products on Google. Keyword research is one of the very first steps you have to do, before everything. When you find out what people are looking for on you e-commerce store, you will understand more about your customers, business and you will know how to optimize your pages. And in no time you will start to create revenue. 

Also one of the crucial steps, you have to check on your competitors. Check what they have done with SEO for their business, on which keywords they are bidding, if they have paid advertisement on Google or Social Media. Who is linking them? Do you have similar products? How they are ranking on this products? Good research is half of the job done. Know your competitors weaknesses and strengths. And in the end you will find out what keywords to target and where to put your focus on.

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Now, you should use this knowledge to your advantage. Use these keywords in title tags, meta description, H1 tags, product description. Needs to be everywhere on your e-shop. If you do this right search engines will know where you want to position yourself and which keywords you are targeting.

Next is to optimize your product pages for user experience. If you give your customers a bad experience on your product pages, no matter what you do regarding SEO or paid advertisement, you will fail. Users will leave your pages very fast and Google will pick up high bounce rate and your rankings will tank. In the end, you will not create profit. Build trust, create great user experience, be transparent, have great videos and images and in the long run (because SEO is a marathon, not a sprint) you will profit from it.

Linking is these days are very important. You already know where your competitors get links from. Hit them up, send them email, create a connection with them and ask them to link your online store. Chances are they will do so. Google gives a lot of attention to links coming to your site and going out. Build quality links and your rankings will go up. Also, interlink between your products. Offer customers similar product they might buy. Eventually they will spend more time on your pages and they will have a great experience which will help you a lot. 

Also, don’t forget to create mobile friendly eCommerce store. Don’t just make online store responsive, create mobile design for it. Create it to be very fast, speed mobility is very important. Customers more than half of the day spend on they mobile phones browsing and searching. If your mobile version of eCommerce store is fast, you will notice climbing in your ranks. 

In the end, use schema markup for your products. If and when you do this you will notice organic traffic to your eCommerce store which was goal here. You will have good rank and in no time you will create revenue.

So, what are you waiting for. Start doing SEO for your eCommerce store!

What is eCommerce marketing?

Ecommerce marketing is bringing up awareness and converting (creating conversion on e shop) e shop visitors into loyal customers. Marketers use mostly social media, search engines, email marketing and creating content to attract visitors to eCommerce stores. Ultimate goal is to get them to buy products or goods from e shop store.

Why you need to optimize pages for customers?

There is a simple explanation for this question. Well optimized page earn more traffic, and in the end earn more profits. Consumers rely on Google and other search engines to really help them with they research, from finding a place to eat to B2B software partners. Good, optimized page helps you build trust with potential consumers which in the end help you gain more traffic and gain profits.

What channels are best for eCommerce marketing?

Social media, search engines, influencers as part of digital strategy, Google advertisements, emails, affiliate marketing…

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